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  • March 27, 2020
  • Guide to Picking the Right FBO Operator

    For as long as you aren’t based at a local airport, don’t have your own hangar and no personal cache for fuel and your flying adventures aren’t confined to your immediate locality, the need to find a Fixed Base Operator, FBO, is a real one. In this post, we are looking at some of the things that should be taken into consideration when settling for a FBO that will be right for you.

    But as we move, what is an FBO in the first place. Talking of an FBO, Fixed Base Operators, these are essentially the private jet services you find at an airport. This as such points to the fact that an FBO is largely an entity who offers one or more of the needed aeronautical services at a permanent base at an airport. These services can be as diverse as to include some of these as the most common ones; aircraft maintenance, aircraft hangarage and parking, supply of aircraft fuel, aircraft rentals, aircraft handling and the like.

    Now that this is said, the question we need to be dealing with is what it is that one is to look at when it comes to the need to find the right FBO operator ideal for them. Generally, in so far as this goes, the easiest way out to start it all out is to break down the various services and see what services they are that you may need and as such know which of the FBOs would be most ideal for your needs.

    Aircraft handling services are some of the essential services that you need to be quite particular with when it comes to the choice of an FBO for your needs. By and large, when it comes to this service, you are going to learn that the level of handling services that an FBO will be able to offer will be governed by the geographic location of the FBO in particular. Talking of this, when you are looking at a FBO located in such areas that happen to be snowy and wintry, some of the essential services that they will and or should offer are like ice and snow clearing and deicing as well. But when you get to an FBO located at an urban airport or location which may probably be standing as the major portal for their respective cities, here you can expect such services like on-site conferencing, luggage services, catering, limo services, and such like. For those that may be located in such major international airports that act as the major ports of entry, there you can expect a whole different and advanced handling services which may include even customs and immigration services.

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