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  • July 18, 2019
  • Choices Prefer For Missing Tooth Replacement

    The teeth we have is one among the things that many people take for granted because of the fact that they can be replaced but what people need to know is that they shall not last for a long time. Dentists have stated that once an individual attains the age of forty-five and above, they start to lose their teeth and as they continue to grow, the numbers tend to increase. Due to the fact that an individual has lost some teeth either due to aging or in other ways, they tend to smile less in pictures and, reduced confidence. It is because of losing some few teeth, that some people end up not smiling even when they are taking pictures. Once the Maryland dentists discovered that many people were facing such issues, they came up with several solutions that people could select from when they are looking to replace their lost teeth.

    If you are looking to replace some missing teeth, one might consider going for the dental implants as one of the many options. It is very hard for an individual to differentiate between the real and dental implants because when they are placed, they look similar to the real ones. To ensure that the tooth is in place, the dentist requires to replace the exposed roots with metal screws so that they can fix the fake tooth in place. This is the best method to replace the missing teeth in the mouth and they are also effective when compared to the other methods. For those people that are missing several teeth in one row and want to replace them, they might consider the use of implant supported bridge rather than going for the dental implants. The teeth are not permanent, but they are good for replacing rows of missing teeth.

    The third option topic from is the tooth supported the bridge. This option is mostly used by people that do not have concerns when it comes to the cost of the implants or surgery that they are supposed to undertake. The difference between this tooth replacement procedure and others is that the dentists gets to fix the tooth supported bridge on top of the existing teeth. Removable partial denture is another option to select from when you are looking to replace your missing tooth. The last option to select from is the flipper, which mostly got its name from its ability to be flipped in and out. Before you settle on the perfect method to use and replace your missing teeth, you might consider using this option to hide the missing tooth.

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