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  • July 2, 2019
  • In-House Marketing Model Vs Agency Model

    One thing that business owners usually ponder on is the question of whether they need to hire a marketing agency or they should work with their own in-house marketing team. Before making the decision between which model to use you need to factor in a lot of things depending on the type of business you’re running. The following are some of the factors that you need to consider when you’re choosing between an in-house marketing team and agency model for marketing.

    Check on the level of expertise of the in-house marketing team before you settle for one decision. It is important that you have a marketing team that understands different trends that are being experienced in marketing especially in your industry as this is quite a vibrant space for businesses. If you have an in-house marketing team they should be able to deliver both digital and traditional marketing strategies that are customised for a business to ensure that your business compete favourably. Having our marketing team that is able to create strategies that are agile does that fit the different changes experienced in marketing is important if your marketing team cannot do this it is essential that consider hiring an agency.

    As a business it is essential that you remain relevant in how you conducted business and ensure that you remain competitive and maintaining market share as well. It is paramount that’s the marketing strategies you have a business work towards achieving their marketing goals you have set for your business. Consider hiring a marketing agency to run marketing activities especially if the current marketing plans and strategies are not showing any results and are not working towards achieving their business objectives.

    As you are looking in a marketing team and a business it is essential that you compare the cost of hiring a new person to join your marketing team. One way you can make a marketing team efficient is by hiring a specialist for every major marketing role. There are many aspects in marketing such as design, digital marketing, traditional marketing e-commerce and you need to have a professional these aspects. You will make a more informed decision by looking into the cost of hiring a marketing agency for hiring professional for every role of marketing in an in-house marketing team.

    It is important that you look into the size of your company and make a decision. For small businesses hiring a marketing agency seems like a more affordable solution as they do not have to get up for salaries and benefits associated with hiring full-time employees. Small businesses look for ways that they can minimise cost at all times and one way you can do so is by cutting down on the number of full-time employees you have.

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